Fear of meeting new people

Here is a message from a wonderfull woman who came to see me with the fear of meeting new people. This fear would give her actual physical pain and truly stopped her from living here life the way she deserves.

This is what for happened after just one session : 

Today I got ready to my appointment, initially I was fine, then I started to feel niggles but not like I couldn’t handle - more like a gut feeling? 

I headed off and had a bit of doubt in my head but nothing to turn me back round. I got to my appointment and when I got there I was speaking with the lady who I was meeting, I was expressing something that was literally just factual nothing judgemental around anybody at all, just literally saying I had a good clear out of whom I’ve out grown. 

This lady started to challenge me on a few occasions actually but around this she got really defensive and said “don’t hate on people“  this took me much by surprise but for the first time in my life I stood up for myself!!! 

I’ve never done this???? 

I’m thinking that initially I got a few niggles via my gut saying something is not right here??  But glad I attended as this has shown me so much from my session with yourself and belief coding! 

I spoke my truth from my heart, and I was flowing great!!! 

Wow, seriously I’m amazed and feel so empowered! 

And completely let it all flow past me too. No guilt , no feeling of lack of self worth just natural and with kind loving words but firm in my own belief…and I feel great!

I’m going to keep going step by step but I feel like I’ve taken a step forward here!!!! What a powerful session that was.

I’ll now keep going with new places and see how it all goes. One step at a time.  


So many thanks for sharing a little piece of your story  xo