3 individual sessions. 3 sessions to work on multiple discomforts to be sure that you get the results you want to see Each session is around 1h30, book the first one online and we will agree on the two others together. Times and bookings can be aranged for different time zones US or AUS for example, just drop me a contact message and we will arange a convenient time for you.

  • Category: Belief Coding Session
  • Duration: 04:30 Hours
  • Location:Zoom Link




Belief Coding™ is not traditional talk therapy, don't worry too much about telling where you think and feel everything has come from. Be open for sure, if you are able too, but most importantly, Belief Coding™ will take you to the root cause of your discomfort.

Belief Coding™ is different from other therapy practices, so it needs a different approach. Whatever comes up in the session, know that is meant to come up. Even if you think it is  not associated

Work through one discomfort at a time

The main techniques we use are The Human Compass, Muscle Testing, or Emotional Threading.

Once we reach the Reflection, we then work with them directly to overcome, resolve, and diffuse the trauma that created the issue at that moment.

Using Belief Coding™ we then code a new, more positive belief and experience at that moment.

This instantly changes your emotional state and response to certain things in the present moment, and in the future.

We ‘Seal in’ the new belief and experience into the psyche and then test to see if the new belief works.

Our experiences form our reality, our belief systems, our character, morals, ethics and so much more. This is where our behaviour, attitudes, and perceptions come from.